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You have the power to help PEACEAnimals in a big way: by networking, volunteering, interning, fundraising, and donating.

It is your time, effort, and contributions that make you such an integral part of the PEACEAnimals team.

Together we can strengthen entire communities from the ground up. Please contact PEACEAnimals and get involved today!


Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to Support PEACEAnimals

PEACEAnimals offers tax-deductible receipts in the US, Canada, and Mexico.



How to Donate:

  • Direct Donation via Check, Credit Card, PayPal, or (US Bank)
  • Initiate a Campaign
  • Fundraising events, including Birthday Parties
  • Become a Sponsor or Solicit Sponsors
  • Children's School Fundraising Programs



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Amy Welch
505 N Tomahawk Is Dr
Portland, Oregon 97217
Phone: 503-285-007

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