The mission of PEACEAnimals is to prevent the future suffering of animals.  A mass, free mobile spay/neuter program does the most good for the most animals.  Towns and neighborhoods are cleaner, quieter, healthier and safer where there is no overpopulation of pets, and wildlife is at less risk for decimation. Mobile clinics take place primarily in the area of the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).


In 2018, PEACEAnimals sterilized 5,792 dogs and cats and treated them for fleas, ticks and parasites, as well as mange, if present.  Pregnancies were terminated on request by owner, and euthanasia was performed at request by owner because pet was too critically ill or injured to survive.  All of these services, plus consultations, were provided free of charge.



PEACEAnimals provides weekly education presentations in schools in towns and neighborhoods (colonias) where mobile clinics take place.  The central focus of this program is care for pets (with an emphasis on spay/neuter and adoption or rescue versus purchase), wildlife and the environment.  We hope to instill a respect for all life and sense of responsibility regarding the resources and beauty of the planet.


PEACEAnimals Vet Team:

Dr. Policarpo Ruiz - director of clinics - licensed vet - Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit (Tepic)

Dr. Anthony Carillo - licensed vet - Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit (Tepic)

Dr. Jesus Pacheco - licensed vet - Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit (Tepic)

EMVZ Leslie Caratachea - vet tech, education director


Angela Kelleher - Volunteer Coordinator - Puerto Vallarta area

Linda Stewart -    Volunteer Coordinator  322 242 9045 - Nayarit


Our Past and Current Sponsors - $1,800 USD and above (See BIZ DONORS tab for more supporters)