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Dr. Anthony Carrillo, Dr Poly, Vet Tech & Education Outreach Leslie, Dr. Pacheco

Dr. Anthony Carrillo

Leslie Caratachea     322 111 1435 Cell

Dr. Policarpo Ruiz     team leader

Dr. Pacheco


PEACEAnimals is a Mexican nonprofit that has a work agreement with Pets for Life:  Drs. Poly, Pacheco and Carrillo, and Leslie Catatchea, vet tech and education director.  The team provides a free spay/neuter program 3.5 days a week approximately 50 weeks every year.  Leslie visits the local schools where a clinic is being held that particular week.  The brief presentations accompanied by posterboard-size photographs tell the story of the importance of pet sterilization. Education is critical to achieve desirable changes in the attitude towards pets, wildlife and the environment.


Initiatives include the following:

  • Weekly free spay/neuter clinics
  • Community-wide education about the humane treatment of animals

About Pets for Life:

Drs. Poly, Pacheco and Anthony are licensed veterinarians, educated at Universidad Autonoma in Tepic, Nayarit.  

Leslie is a Vet Tech who also provides educational outreach to classrooms in the communities where clinics will be focused during that week.


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