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PEACEAnimals is headquartered in Puerto Vallarta. Its free mobile spay/neuter clinics take place primarily in neighborhoods and towns in the area of  Banderas Bay.  Clinics operate within the city limits of Puerto Vallarta a minimum of two weeks every month.  When clinics take place outside the city limits, local governments, individuals or animal activist groups are asked to pay the extra costs of gasoline and driving time to John Whitten, director of PEACEAnimals clinics.  WhatsApp +52 322 111 9419

Clinics are always FREE.
No appointments.
Registration lines often form before 7 AM
SURGERIES commence approximately 9 AM

WED, THURS, FRI PICK-UP: Normally 12 Noon for cats and 1 PM for dogs.
SAT PICK-UP: Normally between 11 AM and 12 Noon

Volunteers needed! Please contact the coordinator or just show up.

Clinics take place at schools, government buildings, police stations, special event locations, empty storefronts and homes. All locations are donated.

Animals should have no food or water 12 hours before surgery.

Please bring dogs on leashes or in kennels.
Please bring cats in kennels, boxes or bags.
Cats and dogs will be treated for fleas, ticks, parasites, and mange.
Cats and dogs in heat can be spayed.

Male rabbits only for neutering, no females.

Pregnancies terminated upon request.
Euthanasia on request by owner if animal too ill or injured to survive.

No more than 2 pets per person per day accepted.

Volunteers allowed 2 pets or rescues per day.

We will allow additional animals if we have not recorded our daily limit. 

You will need to wait until we have registered all clients to see if there are spaces available.
Consultations available at no charge.

If you would like to request and/or sponsor a free 3.5-day clinic in your community or one of your choosing, please contact Shalimar Blanchard president of the board of directors of PEACEAnimals.  Sponsorships of the 3.5-day clinics are $1,850 US.  Average number of sterilizations per 3.5-day clinic in 2023 was 148.

In sponsoring a clinic in your community, please keep in mind:

  • Finding a location with easy accessibility and parking, available bathrooms, water and electricity, and a secure area for the storage of the clinic trailer and equipment.
  • Identify one person as Community Coordinator.  We will need the Person's Name, Email, Phone Numbers.
  • Request lunch for the clinic staff and overnight accommodations and meals if clinic is more than two hours driving distance from Puerto Vallarta.
  • The cost of a 3.5 day clinic (Wed, Thurs, Fri from 9 AM-2 PM; Sat from 9 AM-Noon) is $1,850 USD or the equivalent in MXN for staff salaries and medicine.
  • An average of 148 cats and dogs per clinic week are spay/neutered, and otherwise treated for ticks, parasites and mange, if present. These services are free.  
  • The number of animals treated depends on the population of cats and dogs, responsible owners to bring in their pets and on and volunteers to assist the vet team.  
  • Cats and dogs must be a minimum of two months of age.  They cannot be given food or water after midnight before the morning of the spay/neuter.
  • The mobile clinics are free to the animal owners.  Donations are welcome. 
  • We ask that the Community Coordinator provide volunteers to assist with registration, monitoring of pets post-surgery and clean-up.

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