Business Donors

 Business Donors are those who have donated product or otherwise provided assistance for our clinics.


Sponsors are individuals and businesses that have donated $1,950 US or more within a twelve-month period.

Carey & Brad Riley

Connie Farion


How Can YOU Help?

People ask, what they can do, how they can help? Our clinics cost $1,950 USD weekly. With the new 2021 contract, we gave our vet team a well-deserved raise and benefits which raised our costs.

We are looking for sponsors of clinics.
Clinics are 3.5 days weekly

  • To sponsor one day is $550.00 USD,  half day is $300 USD; or a week for $1,950. We will honor and name donors who sponsor a day or a week. You can donate online at
  • Or make a check payable to Banderas Bay Charities and mail to 505 N Tomahawk Is Dr, Portland, OR 97217.  PEACEAnimals in check memo section and your email so BBC can quickly mail you a donor receipt

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