In May 2013, several animal advocates launched  PEACEAnimals.  As PEACE Punta de Mita had eliminated its free spay/neuter program, “Ayuda a los Animales,” all their clinic equipment and supplies were donated to PEACEAnimals.  The two vet team members, Dr. Poli and Dr. Anthony were hired.  A few years later,  Dr. Pacheco and Leslie Caratachea were added to the team.


PEACEAnimals is a Mexican nonprofit (AC) sharing a work agreement with Pets for Life, a Mexican for-profit (SC) Leslie visits schools on Tuesdays in the town or neighborhood where a clinic is scheduled to take place that particular week.  The presentations accompanied by posterboard-size photographs illustrate the importance of pet sterilization and pet care. Education is critical to achieving positive changes in the attitude and treatment towards pets, wildlife and the environment.


At present, 30 plus towns and neighborhoods, primarily in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas, are visited by the PEACEAnimals mobile spay and neuter clinic.


Volunteers are needed and encouraged to participate in the clinics. 

Contact Gretchen DeWitt or Leslie if you are interested in volunteering. 


Gretchen DeWitt


Leslie Caratachea




PEACEAnimals has official recognition from the Mexican government as a Mexican non-profit.


Banderas Bay Charities, Inc offers US tax credit to support PEACEAnimals.



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