PEACE Mexico (Protection & Education: Animals, Culture, and Environment) was officially founded in 2005, but the start date goes back to 2003 when Help the Animals (Ayuda a los Animales) held its first spay and neuter clinic in Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Banderas) with one veterinarian and six volunteers.  In 2004, Molly Fisher, a socially-conscious teacher at the American School in Puerto Vallarta, envisioned a community organization in the Puerto Vallarta area.


In 2007 and 2008, PEACE Mexico expanded to other towns along the bay.  At present, 30 plus towns and neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas are visited by the PEACEAnimals mobile spay and neuter clinic. The mobile clinic also travels to further away destinations if the clinics are sponsored in full, i.e. San Blas to the north and Oaxaca to the south.


In April 2013, PEACE Mexico was reorganized and became Peace Punta de Mita, A.C. (click tab on right for more information)


Peace Punta de Mita programs are now concentrated in the Punta de Mita-Higuera Blanca area and focus on three categories: Education, Health/Lifestyle, and Community Pride.


In May 2013, several animal advocates reorganized the spay and neuter mobile clinics as PEACEAnimals.  Peace Punta de Mita donated all clinic equipment and supplies to the fledgling organziation.  PEACEAnimals was launched with the assistance of accountant Gabriela Rojas of Rojas Teran & Associates and attorney David Connell of Connell & Associates.  PEACEAnimals hired Pets for Life, the former PEACE Mexico vet team to conduct the spay/neuter clinics.  Paulina Stettner was hired as Clinic Director and Vet tech.  Paulina has since left the team to work with Calle Cero a national spay/neuter foundation working with the Humane Society International out of Mexico DF.  Leslie Caratachea now acts as the Vet Tech and Education/Volunteer Coordinator. The only other employees of Pets for Life are the excellent vets, Dr. Poly and Dr. Anthony.  


Volunteers are needed and encouraged to participate in the clinics. 

Contact Gretchen DeWitt or Leslie if you are interested in volunteering. 

Gretchen DeWitt 

Leslie Caratachea


PEACEAnimals has official recognition from the Mexican government as a Mexican non-profit.


Banderas Bay Charities, Inc offers US tax credit to support PEACEAnimals.